The Story Behind The Logo

Unlike the name, the logo was more to the point. I can't remember when it popped into my head or how, but Im glad it did.

This one logo may have had at least 100 different drafts of it, but the concept remained the same.

We call it a Hitman. Or Hitwoman if that applies.

The first logo that you can Identify with. It is you.

Similar to a traditional Hitman, it symbolizes setting your sights on a target and defeating it.

The same thinking can be applied to us golfers.

We set out sights on a target, aim for it, and pull the trigger with our golf clubs. whether that be the flagstick, landing spot, or a tree in the distance. 

Our main focus is always to defeat old man par, but the Hitman is even deeper than that.

The green eyes symbolizes "seeing green". A phrase that represents the focus you should have on the vibrant green fairways and the smooth green putting surfaces.

If you look closely, the Hitman can be seen wearing a "Hole In Onesie". In honor of the hole in one. The lowest score in golf.

These attributes represent the mentality of the Hitman culture. And the confidence that each golfer should have when they hit the links.


*Kelly Golf Klub is a golf and lifestyle brand dedicated to helping golfers express their eccentric style on and off the course. Join a growing movement of untraditional golfers HERE.

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  • Bomb branding buddy! Big kudos an a big “Hell Yeah” for partnering with The BEST golf coach here in the Jacksonville community. The bucket hat hitman is my new FAVORITE !

    Miranda Barnard

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